What do we wear?

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So much goes into a planning a photo shoot. Finding a photographer, selecting a good date, location, and then wardrobe! Once you’ve gotten all the initial things booked, finding the right outfit can make your photo shoot go from good to FAB! Dare I say, epic! It’s all about finding the right color combos and then finding the outfits that just make you look and feel good!

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Styling Tips

Two patterns isn’t forbidden, especially if you have a group of more than 4, but I do recommend limiting the amount of patterns you choose for your session. Multiple patterns can clash and tend to distract from the overall photo. To help bring in variety, choose textures like chunky knits, linens, ruffles or even crushed velvet! This will help bring a little added element to your wardrobe without being overwhelming with excessive patterns.

Picking one person to start with will ultimately pave the way for finding complimentary outfits. I say, start with mom! Let’s face it, not only is she often the glue that holds a family together (ahem, I’m not biased at all!) but she also is a big focal point for me in my sessions.


My favorite places to shop are Baltic Born, Shein, H&M, Old Navy, Target, PinkBlush, and Amazon, I can't say this enough; outfits play a HUGE roll in your session, the investment, the memories.


Here are a few of my favorite dresses; and what's awesome is if you purchase one of these for your session, I'll buy it from you!

Pippa Ruffle Maxi Dress | Hunter | Baltic Born

Venus Pleated Maxi Dress | Mulberry | Baltic Born

Felicity Smocked Dress | Camel | Baltic Born

Olivia Maxi Dress | Deep Topaz Floral | Baltic Born                                                                                           

Santa Fe Embroidered Dress | White | Baltic Born

Leon Off Shoulder Maxi Dress | White | Baltic Born

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Did you know? 

I have some dresses in my client closet, so you don't even have to go buy a new outfit, just shop in my client closet, but don't see anything you like; Here are two links to help you.

(334) Pinterest (Client Closet)
(334) Pinterest(Style Guide)

I can't wait to create some memories with you and your family





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